Astronest: the beginning is now presents you 2.9.5 update!

Break through the limits of your nation! A new world unfolds within AstroNest!

Prove the power of your nation to your alliance and your enemies across the universe!


In the 2.9.5 update, the following content is waiting for you, Commander.



1. Maximum Nation level expansion

The maximum level of your nation will be raised from 100 to 110. Create a stronger nation, beyond your existing limitations.

2. The brand-new Campaign Episode 13

  • The new Episode 13 will be added to Campaign. Episode 13 is composed of 10 stages taking place in the 'Preta' planetary system, where the Union and the Federation's refineries are gathered.

  • Demonstrate your capability against more powerful enemies!

  • Once you clear new Episode 13-1, a brand-new T7 Tron part will be provided.

3. A brand-new alien fleet

  • A new powerful alien fleet will be added. "Rakazeth" and "Palenque" encounter with this fleet has a chance to occur in Episode 13.

4. Wonderful quality of life updates

Sorry... We havn't received any friend's gift... :'(

Sorry... We havn't received any friend's gift... :'(

  • Receive all inbox gifts from allies at once

  • Extract 10 Skill LDs at once

  • Batch Tron Part Disassembly

  • Batch Cube Extraction


1. Nation Leveling Event

Become the strongest Commander in AstroNest!

We will provide sumptuous rewards to the first Commander who reaches level 110.

  • Event period: 2/28 ~ 3/27 (before maintenance) 

  • Rewards:

    • For the first Commander to reach level 110 (all servers): 30 Master Scout Tickets, 500 Crystals, 30 rare Tron Capsules, 30 AP Recoveries

    • For the 2nd-10th Commanders to reach level 110 (each servers): 10 Master Scout Tickets, 15 rare Tron Capsules, 20 AP Recoveries.

    • For ALL Commanders to reach level 110 during the event period (all servers): 3 Master Scout Tickets, 5 AP Recoveries.

2. Campaign episode clear event:  

We will reward 10 rare Tron Capsules to all Commanders who clear Episode 13-1 during the event period.        

Defeat the enemies threating the Preta planetary system and earn rewards!     

  • evENT Period:  2/28 ~ 3/14 (before maintenance)           

  • Rewards will be given to every Commander who clears Episode 13-1

Please note that the event periode is subject to be changed depending on the situation.



Thank you for playing AstroNest.

We greatly appreciate your continued patronage and look forward to providing many more updates in the future