2.12.0 Update Announcement


Greetings Commander!

Updates which were explained during the last Developer's Note will be here on November 19 at Astronest: The Beginning!

Check out the more detailed information below!

※There might be some differences with the 2019 4th Quater Update Announcement which was uploaded last October.

※The Update schedule has been changed from November 12 to November 19.

1. Update New 4 skills

(1) Shield Generation

- Normal Skill: Before attacking, give shield on 1 fleet with the highest attack power among allies.

- ADV Skill: Before attacking, give shield on 2 fleets with the highest attack power among allies.

ex) If the fleet is already affected with a shield, it will be replaced with the better shield. (Same fleet cannot have 2 or more damage preventing shields.)

(2) Dimension Disarrangement

- Normal Skill: Decrease the attack range of the enemy's Cannon fleet.

- ADV Skill: Decrease the attack range of the enemy's 2 Cannon fleets.

ex) If Dimension Disturbance activates, and the enemy has more than 2 Cannon fleets, it will decrease the attack range of the Cannon fleet having the highest damage.

(3) Buff Managing

- Normal Skill: Delete an enemy's buff, an ally's debuff, and attack the enemy.

- ADV Skill : Delete 2 of the enemy's buffs and ally's debuffs, and attack the enemy.

ex) If an ally has 2 buffs and 2 debuffs and the Buff Managing activates, it will remove 1 debuff effect randomly.

(4) Front-row Attack

- Normal Skill : Double attack to the front line fleet.

- ADV Skill : Triple attack to the front line fleet.

ex) When the Front-row Attack normal skill activates, and the enemy's front line has only 1 fleet, it will attack the same fleet twice.

And when there are 4 enemy fleets on the front line, it will attack the fleets twice.

※New skills Shield Generation and Dimension Disarrangement are included as Rare Skills.


■ Due to update of new skills, Skill LD Capsules will be adjusted

- Before Skill LD Capsule & Rare Skill LD Capsule & Premium LD Capsule : cannot get newly added skills

※ ADV.Skill Capsule : Basic ADV.Skill + New ADV. Skill

■ New Skill LD Capsules

①Skill LD Capsule N :


Basic Skill LDs + 4 New Skills' LDs

②Rare Skill LD Capsule N :


Basic Rare Skill LDs + 2 New Rare Skills' LDs

※New Skills 'Shield Generation' and 'Dimension Disarrangement' are under Rare Skill

③ Attack Skill LD Capsule N :


Basic Attack Skill LDs + LD with New attack skills

④Defense Skill LD Capsule N :


Basic Defense Skill LDs + LD with New Defense skills

⑤New Type Skill LD Capsule :


4 New Skills’ LDs

■How to get new Skill LD Capsule

- Skill LD Capsule N : Daily Mission, Raid, Recon

- Rare Skill LD Capsule N : Honor Supplies Center, Recon

- Attack Skill LD Capsule N, Defense Skill LD Capsule N : Recon

- New Type Skill LD Capsule : Different events (League shop, Drop Event, Exploration Event)

In addition, you can receive the new Skill LD Capsules on the League store, Drop Event, Exploration Event, VS Event, and Packages.

Also, you can receive the new Skill LD from LD Shop, Skirmish, and after firing Heroes.

2. Added Hero StoRage Function


Hero Storage function has been added. It will help Commanders manage their owned Heroes easier.

In the 'My Heroes' screen, you can move your Heroes to storage. You can call them back anytime you need to.

Storage can store 10 Heroes and you can expand its capacity to a maximum of 120, with using Crystals.

3. Event League is open

To celebrate the update, the Event league will be available.

Event League is composed of a total of 3 rounds, the entrance fee will be 1/10 of the normal League, and reward will be half of the normal League reward.

By using new Skills, make your own unique League strategy!

※From this Event League, League start period will be changed as Wednesday 8AM(UTC) to Tuesday 8AM(UTC).

Event League Period:

ROUND #1 : 2019.11.19 ~ 2019.11.26

ROUND #2 : 2019.11.26 ~ 2019.12.03

ROUND #3 : 2019.12.03 ~ 2019.12.10

Resting Period : 2019.12.10 ~ 2019.12.17

4. Honor Supplies have been adjusted

Items that can be exchanged using Honor Points have been adjusted.

Rare Skill LD Capsule x10 has been changed to 3 Unidentified Module Capsules, and Rare Skill LD Capsule x25 has been changed to Rare Skill LD Capsule N x 25.

For more information, check out the Honor Supplies after the update!

5. Pursuit Renewal


After this update, Pursuit will be renewed.

Through Pursuit, you can receive Bounty and Pursuit Medal.

These items can be exchanged from the Pursuit Supplies.


And for acquiring Pursuit Medal, depends on the Pursuit opponents.

In Pursuit Supplies, you can exchange Heroes' Bio Data chips. So do not miss this so you can receive Unique and Special Hero!

Only 2 months are left in 2019.

Our update and events have been made possible by the love and support of all of our Commanders for Astronest : The Beginning.

Astronest : The Beginning will strive to provide better and more enjoyable contents for our Commanders.

Thank you.