2.9.0 Patchnote


2.9.0 patchnote

  1. Unique heroes
  2. Revamped Hero recruitment system
  3. Hero CODEX
  4. UI revamp
  5. Hero Slot Expansion

1. Unique heroes 

A. Unique heroes addeD


New Hero Rank, higher than S Rank

  • Unique heroes are fixed, with predetermined names, portrait images and abilities

  • Unique heroes have a new type of expertise, called Unique Ability

  • Unique Abilities(Battle Type) are activated when deployed on an active fleet and affect accompanying fleets

  • Unique Abilities (Govern Type) are activated when hero is in the hero slot

  • Each Unique Ability is distinct

  • Unique Abilities have levels, which can be upgraded with Unique Ability LDs

  • Only one Unique Hero (Battle) can be deployed at any time

  • New Unique Heroes will be introduced every month

  • When a duplicate Unique Hero is acquired, the duplicate will be immediately converted into an Unique Ability LD


B. S-Master Heroes added

  • S-Master Heroes have excellent abilities and skills.

2. Revamped Hero recruitment system


A.    Hero invitation system simplified from 5 different options to 3

  • Pre-Update: Normal Invite, Advanced Invite, Rare Invite, S- Invite and Hero Points

  • Post-Update: Normal Scout, Advanced Scout, S-Scout

B.    Normal Scout

  • Chance to acquire heroes from Rank D to S
  • Guaranteed A rank hero when 10x Normal Scouts are used together

C.    Advanced Scout

  • Chance to acquire heroes from Rank C to S
  • Guaranteed S rank hero when 10x Advanced Scouts are used together

D.    S-Scout

  • Chance to acquire heroes from Rank B to Unique (New rank of hero)
  • Guaranteed S-Master hero (new class of S hero) when 10x S- Scouts are used together

E.    Hero Visits have been replaced by Invite Hero function (free every 12 hours)

F.    Unique heroes added to the Honor Store

G.    Pre-update Hero Invites will be converted to Scouts upon Update

  • 1 Normal Invite → 1 Normal Scout

  • 1 Advanced Invite → 1 Advanced Scout

  • 1 Rare Invite → 10 Advanced Scout

  • 1 S-Invite → 1 S-Scout

H.     Pre-update Hero Points will expire!

I. Skill LDs now require Heroes to be rejected.

3. Hero CODEX

  • An index collectible Seasonal heroes and Unique heroes

4. UI revamp

  • Hero, Tron menus are now separate
  • Overall UI has been improved

5. Hero Slot Expansion

  • Hero Slot expanded from 60 → 70