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A strategy Game Innovator

AN Games was founded in 1999 as a ragtag group of fiery game designers from Korea University. Our first game was Astronest , a strategy sci-fi web game with millions of fans all over the world, and over the last 2 decades we've been strategy game pioneers in Korea. In 2014, we made the shift to mobile with the prequel to our original Astronest franchise, Astronest: The Beginning.

With the success of Astronest, we also decided to cater to specific markets with localization and culturalization. In 2015, Astronest: Xeno Worlds was released, reimagined mainly for the Japanese and Asian audience, with anime-style graphics. The Astronest franchise remains strong and popular to this day, getting featured still on Google Play despite being released 4 years ago!

2018 was a monumental year for the series, with the successful launch of ASTROKINGS, the next title of the Astroverse. With real-time battles and grand galactic Federation wars for the Imperial Throne, this mobile MMO strategy game will be the foundation for greater expansions ainto diverse platforms.

A global outlook

From our very first title, we've developed games to reach out to the world from our studio in Korea. This means we strive to not only create games that align with global tastes, but that we work hard to create a connection with our player community. We are proud to have players from all over the world and we will strive to provide the very best experience.


2018 – Launched mobile strategy game “ASTROKINGS”
2017 – Selected as “Global Small Giant Enterprise” by Korea Ministry of SMEs and Startups
2015 – Launched mobile strategy game “AstroNest - Xeno Worlds” for Japan
2014 – Launched mobile strategy game “AstroNest - The Beginning”
2014 – Launched mobile strategy game “Ocean Heroes”
2013 – Launched mobile strategy game “Galactic Heroes”
2012 – Launched mobile strategy game “Cosmic Kingdoms”
2011 – Launched social Game “AstroNest”
2010 – Changed corporate name to AN Games
2009 – Launched casual community online game “Feel Online”
2005 – Launched Game portal and 8 kinds of board game
2003 – Launched 3D Shooting MMORPG “ASTRO-N”
2002 – Launched Wire/Wireless integration game “Love Plus”
2000 – Launched sci-fi web strategy simulation game “ASTRONEST” in U.S.
1999 – Founded company ASTRONEST™