ASTRONEST: The Beginning

Discover uncharted planets and conquer interstellar factions in AstroNest: The Beginning, an epic space strategy game and civilization builder. Immerse yourself in a finely-tuned universe of incredible depth and balanced gameplay. Find out why AstroNest is widely acclaimed as one of the best franchises in sci-fi!


  • A sci-fi universe of finely balanced gameplay and grand complexity. Collect resources, construct and upgrade your base, and conquer the galaxy!
  • Extensive customization of your intergalactic fleet! Research strategic battle formations, weapon upgrades, alien technologies and TRONS to build the ultimate fighting force!
  • Legendary heroes with a multitude of game-changing abilities and classes. Deploy a Cannon expert for your battleship fleet, or an Economist to govern your planets!
  • Exciting multiplayer modes! Build an alliance network for daily skirmishes, go on exciting alien raids, or participate in massively global faction wars... in real-time!
  • An impressive lineup of campaign missions, unlockables, achievements & titles!
  • The spiritual successor to the browser-based classic, Astronest.

AstroNest is free to play! Play now and join our community of dedicated strategists and DPS experts on Facebook and forums!

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"Battles in AstroNest aren't simple. Strategy is a big focus in this game, after all. Therefore, you won't survive for very long if you don't think about upgrades, expansions, and anything else that will ensure you stay one step ahead of your opponents” -

"If you’re eager to sink your teeth into a meaty space based strategy game, you may want to check out AstroNest" -


"This is a truly complex civilization-building strategy game" –