<The King of Exploration>

Dear Commander! Who will be the commander who got to the furthest point for the exploration event occurring after the June 5th 08:00 (UTC) Maintenance!

Explore the unknown and receive rewards!



Explore the furthest corners of space using exploration fuels. We will award additional honor points in order of commanders who have went the furthest! The further you go, the more lucrative rewards are waiting for you, so check out the exploration event map. After receiving their rewards, Commanders who have traveled the furthest among all the servers will be honored with a special banner with their name on it and will be displayed in the game for a period of time



After the exploration event ends, the rewards will be paid sequentially from June 19 to June 22 based on the server’s log data. Afterwards, the commanders who have explored the furthest will be revealed through the in-game banner. The results will be summed up through the game log. In case of tie same rewards will be awarded to those users.

Please note that the rewards, dates, and methods is subject to be changed depending on the situation and ranking rewards will not be paid at the same time.


<Reward ranking>

1st: 3000 Honor Points

2nd: 2500 Honor Points

3rd:  2000 Honor Points

4~10th: 1500 Honor Points

11th~50th: 1000 Honor Points

51th~200th: 700 Honor Points

201th~1000th: 400 Honor Points

1001th~3000th: 200 Honor Points

3001th~10000th: 100 Honor Points


<Special reward>

777th: 1000  Honor Points

7777th: 500  Honor Points