Faction War



Commanders ! The epic battle between Neos and Terra is back !

Show your strength to your enemies to earn honor points and additional rewards.

Plus, especially during this period, daily in-game events will be held !


1. Rules:

Your side have to win as many victories as possible during the faction war time.

Regardless your camp and server, the ranking of the most victorious commanders is counted !

We will announce, through an in-game banner, Commanders who have been in the top ranking.

Are you ready? Who are those Commanders who will carry this Faction War?

Thank you for your interest and participation !


2. Time:

6/15 00:00 ~ 6/18 23:59 (KST)

6/14 15:00 ~ 6/18 15:00 (UTC)


*Ranking and Victory rewards will be awarded simultaneously.


<Ranking reward>

1st: 4,500 Honor Points

2nd ~ 10th: 3,000 Honor Points

11th ~ 100th : 1,500 Honor Points

100th ~ 500th: 900 Honor Points

500st ~ 3000th: 400 Honor Points


<Victories reward>

from 3000: 30 master scouts

from 1500: 15 master scouts

from 500 : 10 master scouts

from 100: 5 master scouts


3.War Discount

Do not miss our item sale as Shield and Boosters !


4. Faction war’s in-game event

Here are in-game events we have prepared for this Faction War.

6/15: Rare items better chance

6/16: Heroes drop better chance

6/17: More experience for Heroes

6/18: Facility construction cost down


5. Faction War - Login event

Log in to the game and obtain gold and mineral special rewards !


6/15: Gold capsule (2M+) x 30

6/16: Mineral capsule (1M+) x 30

6/17: Gold capsule (2M+) x 30

6/18: Mineral Capsule (1M+) x 30