Hyper Ship Update 2019

New Hyper Fleets will be updated in next maintenance. Check out the links below for more information! Be aware that fleet balances including the actual numbers and others can be adjusted throughout monitoring War and Leagues.

These hyper ships can be researched in Hyper Lab, and you do not have to choose between original hyper ships and these. Please try building a better tactics and strategies with these new hyper ships!


Hyde Destroyer Type B

Hyper Destroyer is used to be a ship specialized in evasion against any types of enemies. However it had low durability so too vulnerable against certain type of weapons and skills. However this new type hyper destroyer has better durability and resistance to deal with those certain attacks. However it has lost some of its evasion abilities. With the original hyper destroyers, type B destroyers will be chosen to form some efficient destroyer formations.


Hyper Cruiser Type B

A Cruiser was known as a well-balanced ship with balanced combination of damage, resistance and durability. The new type hyper cruiser has improved resistance and durability, but lost dealing damage abilities in return. Commanders will have to consider use this new type of hyper cruiser for certain part of their fleet formations for better efficiency in the battle.


Hyper Battleship Type B

Battleships were for the someone who want to give massive damage quickly. Type B Battleship has been upgraded in that direction. However in return, durability and resistance have been slightly reduced. That new battleship type will be riskier and more tricky to use appropriately.


Hyper Mothership Type B

Usually, motherships used for counter ranged weapons. Type B motherships have developed more resistance and durability against ranged weapons even more. However became much more vulnerable against short-ranged weapons. Therefore commanders will have to consider carefully to use this type of mothership in the battle.