Update 2.10.0 notification

"Greetings, Commanders. Through this notification, we will inform you about the content of the new update 2.10.0 , which is scheduled on May 14th."

Conquest mission

Conquest - 0.png

A new PVE mission, Conquest Mission, is added,

In the conquest mission, enemy fleets will appear continuously. By defeating them, you will obtain a number of stars according to the victory conditions.

Go ahead and destroy all enemies!

Conquest - 3.png
Conquest - 4.PNG

You have 10 attack opportunities per day, and by using crystals, you can add 5 more attack opportunities.

Conquest - 6.png

The Conquest mission is composed of 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard.

To access the normal difficulty level, you have first to finish all easy difficulty levels.

Conquest - 5.png

If you are victorious, you might obtain a DNA core, which you can use to train your hero's stats.

Hero Training Stat

HeroStat - 2.png

Through DNA core items you can obtain in the Conquest Mission, you have now the possibility to make your heroes stronger with the Hero Training Stat function.

It can be done from the screen (My heroes) by pressing the button Hero training.

Train the heroes stats you want to improve and become stronger!

HeroStat - 3.png

In order to proceed with the stats training, you need to create a training program, and to do so, you must have core items that you can obtain through the conquest mission.

The training program is divided into 3 categories: General, Advanced and Super.

Note that the creation of a Super training program has a lower chance to succeed than other programs.

HeroStat - 5.png

The Stat training can be done 20 times in total for each hero, including attack, defense and govern.

We hope you will enjoy the Hero stat training function and that a lot of Commanders will take part in the conquest mission of that new update!